What is branding?

Branding is the building block of a company that plans to expand its market reach. A brand is formed from a complex of opinions, associations, emotions, value characteristics about a product or service in the mind of a consumer. The task of the brand is to form in the minds of the target audience a positive image, image, reputation of a company, product or service in the eyes of customers, partners and the public as a whole. It creates a unique style, increases product value and builds trust in the company.
Brand components are a set of corporate identity elements: name, logo, corporate color palette, fonts, slogan, a set of symbols, sounds, phrases, etc. They are also used in social networks and printed materials.
The basis of the corporate identity is individuality, which determines the character of the company and corresponds to the goals and objectives. To create a clear and convincing picture, a company must know exactly what it is, where it is striving and what it wants to achieve. Based on market research, competitors and target audience, the designer develops the corporate identity of the company so that the visitor is comfortable on the pages of the resource.

Who needs a corporate identity?

You need to create a corporate identity if:
- you have just opened a business and want to overtake competitors;
- you have been on the market for many years, but you feel that the corporate style is outdated, and young companies are catching up with you;
- you go to a new level, develop, expand and it is necessary to strengthen the company's image;
- you completely change the direction, type of activity.

What is a brand book for?

After the corporate identity has been created, it is necessary to collect everything into a single tool, which the company positioning itself on the market rests on - the brand book. It helps to easily build relationships with advertising companies, partners and clients. The brand book displays ideas for the implementation of the project with the definition of colors, fonts, as well as the needs of the target audience and the solution of consumer problems.
A brand book is needed for:

  • Defining the goals, objectives and values ​​of the company
  • Understanding the target audience
  • Creation of corporate identity
  • Brand positioning in the market
  • Definition of brand promotion concepts
  • Formation of a unified corporate spirit, philosophy and positive image


A corporate identity is an integral part for a company that wants to grow and develop, to enter a leading position in the market. Development consists of the complex work of designers, marketers and other specialists. Thanks to the corporate identity, the brand will become recognizable and increase consumer confidence. The WEBCRAFT company offers services for the creation of a corporate identity to increase the success of the company.