When a visitor interacts with a site, the user first of all looks at the appearance of the site and only then begins to study it in more detail. UI design makes the site visually understandable and comfortable for your customers. This is what affects the traffic, conversions and sales of your web resource.


What is UI design and what does it affect

User interface - literally translated. This is a visualization of your site, a set of prototypes, graphic components and other elements of a site or application.

UI design is developed based on the experience and analysis of the target audience, and depending on the needs of visitors, the structure, shape, color palette and other elements of the site are formed. The user interface should be clear, convenient and simple. The main task is to determine whether the site is visually convenient, whether it is easy to use.

The task of the designer is to simplify the interaction of the user with the site, to make it more efficient and logical. Interface development is based on creating a simple, clear visual display, so that the user visiting your site for the first time will immediately understand how to use it.


What is UI for and what is its purpose

User interface development is needed both for visualization and for performing a number of other tasks:

  • Increasing trust in the resource
  • Website adaptation for any device
  • Attracting new visitors
  • Eliminating unpleasant impressions about your resource
  • User transition from visitor to regular customer

The main task of UI design is to establish relationships with visitors. If your resource is convenient, pleasant, then the visitor becomes your client.


UI design development, stages and process

In the process of developing an interface, it is important to study all the necessary nuances, audience, needs, goals. Like any other process, UI design development consists of several stages:

  • Concept
  • Structure alignment
  • UI style matching
  • Prototype

The user interface is a very important part of any website. The design cannot be ignored; the site must be convenient, comfortable and pleasant for your visitors. The designer must understand the needs of the audience and meet them. If you want your visitors to turn into your customers, pay attention to the development of the user interface.