An online store is a store whose "showcase" is located on the Internet and enables the consumer to order a product without leaving home. Such a trading platform is not just an information site, but is a full-fledged service that allows you to sell goods without the presence of stationary outlets.

In online trading, there is no need to spend money on store rent, salaries for sales assistants and other personnel. In the online store, in addition to goods, you can post all information about the business, current offers, promotions, reviews of new products and much more.

The popularity of online shopping today is so high that the online store creates serious competition for retail outlets. The main advantages are the ability to sell goods and services 24 hours a day, without tying a potential buyer to the work schedule. In addition, the online store makes the business more mobile, able to quickly respond to market needs.

Benefits of an online store


  • It works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without a lunch break, without weekends and holidays.
  • Any customer can access the store from any device (tablet, PC, mobile phone) from anywhere in the world.
  • No need to rent premises, savings on utility bills.
  • A small number of managers are able to keep the store running, helping to save on dozens of salaries.
  • Simultaneous sale of goods to a large number of buyers.
  • Tracking customer demand in real time, all information and statistics are available at any time.
  • The term and cost of creating an online store is much lower than that of a stationary store.
  • There is no need to obtain multiple permits to create an online store.

The online store is easy to use, customer-friendly and fully functional. Here's what a standard online store includes:
Catalog of goods, with detailed descriptions.

  • A shopping cart where the customer adds a product to purchase.
  • Possibility of payment on the website.
  • Personal account with the history of viewed and liked products, orders, bonuses, cumulative discounts.
  • A system that stores customer orders and allows you to manage them (new, awaiting payment, paid, shipped, delivered, etc.).
  • Integration with delivery services.

An online store helps you scale your business, expand your target audience, and attract more potential customers. It is a powerful tool for reaching the next level and making more profit. A high-quality online store will be bright and memorable, inspire confidence and a desire to purchase goods right here. It will be functional, as convenient as possible for both the buyer and the seller.
If you want to order an online store, the specialists of the WEBCRAFT studio will take into account all the subtleties of the type of activity, your wishes and make the most comfortable store that will take your business to a new level.