How much will it cost to create a website in Moldova?

Ask the developer and more questions will be answered. Website development and its cost depends on certain factors, before discussing which it will be very difficult to form an exact cost. Development of any website is divided into several stages, each of which requires a certain amount of time. The price of website creation depends on the amount of time required to complete the work. In Moldova, Chisinau, the average cost of developer services starts from 10 euros per hour, and depending on the type of site, you can form an approximate average cost.

Website strategy development:

  • defining goals
  • market analysis
  • competitor analysis
  • target audience definition
  • SEO optimization at the stage of developing a new website
  • promotion plan
  • identifying ways to promote

The cost of developing a website strategy starts from 200 euros and directly depends on several factors: the number of specialists required for analysis, the complexity of the tasks assigned to them and the time required to create a plan.


UI / UX design

The stage of website design development is very important, since most users evaluate the site primarily by its appearance. Therefore, the site should be pleasant, understandable, attractive. The UI / UX designer is responsible for this part of the site development stage. The main task is to create a website that will be clear and easy to use. To make your site profitable and deliver results, you need to win over the user, and for this a well-thought-out web design is used.

The design cost also depends on many factors:

  • Number of pages
  • Availability of visual animations
  • Number of feedback forms
  • Complexity of the site structure

On average, the design development takes from 25 to 300 hours, depending on the type of site and the complexity of the project. The cost of website design in Moldova starts from 150 euros for business card sites and 600 euros for online stores.


Front-End development

Front-End development stage is the creation of the technical skeleton of the site. Here, developers, layout designers create a full-fledged website template from a drawn design, where all elements become active, clickable, and in the future your users will interact with them.

The tasks at this stage are very important:

  • Support for any browsers
  • Adaptability for all devices
  • Correct operation of all active elements
  • Correct display

The cost of these works is affected by the complexity of tasks, animations, the number of pages, functionality and structure and capabilities of the site being developed. Front-End development (layout) takes from 30 hours to 400 hours on average, and the average cost of a specialist's work is 8 euros per hour.


Back-End development

Development stage where the visual part of the site receives a set of code that, when interacting with the user, performs all the necessary tasks and functions. For example, when a user clicks on a visual link on a site, for which Front-End development is responsible, then actions for which Back-End development is already responsible, for example, sorting and providing the necessary information from the database, sending data from forms to the server, processing information and so on.

Back-End development also includes:

  • Connecting third-party APIs and services
  • Processing complex and non-standard requests
  • Creation of unique site functions

The Back-End development stage takes more time from 40 to 500 hours of work, and the average cost of Back-End development in Moldova is 10 euros per hour.


CMS system development, admin panel

The admin panel is required to manage content on the site. Adding new products, materials, editing information, uploading files, etc. - the admin panel is responsible for this. Of course, you can use ready-made CMS systems, which will reduce the cost and time to complete the work, but this will reduce safety, speed, and also you will be limited by the standard set of functionality. The most correct choice in this case is the development of an individual admin panel.

Of course, you can refuse to develop the admin panel, but if the content of your site is not static, and you periodically edit and add information, then you cannot do without the admin panel. The own admin panel has many advantages, in contrast to popular ready-made solutions for which there is a huge amount of malware:

  • Selecting the required functionality
  • Implementation of all the necessary tools for site management
  • High level of security
  • Create different roles and priorities for panel users

Depending on the complexity and functionality of the admin panel, the development will require from 20 to 160 hours of work and on average will cost from 200 euros and more.


Business site

One of the most popular types of website for brand or company promotion. The task of the site is to present the company, services, goods. Typically includes pages such as:

  • Services
  • Blog
  • Contacts
  • About company

This type of site is great for little large and medium-sized businesses, and depending on the number of services and goods, the site will have more pages and, accordingly, more value. On average, the development of a business site takes from 30 working days and from 800 euros in cost.


E-commerce site

On a simple online store. One of the most expensive types of sites to develop. Unlike a business site, even the smallest online store is more complex in structure, more complex in functionality, so its price is much higher. Also, the online store has a larger number of pages, as well as a number of complex functions:

  • Admin panel
  • Payment systems
  • Notifications
  • Search
  • Filter
  • Submitting complex shapes and more

It takes much more time to develop an online store, as well as the specialists who will create it. The cost starts from 1200 euros for the simplest option and takes 2-3 months of development time.


Landing site

The so-called landing page can be either a separate full-fledged site, or a separate page of an existing site. The main goal is to provide the necessary information about a product, service, event, etc. as clearly as possible. This is the cheapest and fastest type of website to develop, its cost starts from 350 euros and takes about 1 week to develop.


What else do you need to start the site

We will not include in the cost of website development the budget for promotion, optimization and connection of third-party services. We are now talking about developing a site and launching it into operation. What else is needed for your site to go online and start indexing.



A domain name is a unique website address by which you will be found and recognized on the Internet. The cost of a domain name depends on the chosen zone (.com .org .md) and starts from 10 euros per year.



Hosting is a place where your site will be stored and will have access 24/7. The choice of hosting must be approached carefully, there are a lot of offers on the market, and you need to calculate their location, the complexity and load of your resource, etc. Standard hosting starts at € 30 per month.


Technical support

Some types of sites, for example, such as online stores, require special attention, since their functionality is complex and traffic is high. This all leads to errors, constant work with content, and so on.

Why do you need site maintenance:

  • Control, verification, elimination of errors
  • Updates and improvements
  • Working with queries etc

The task of technical support is to make your site operational 24/7, to solve any problems that have arisen and to keep the site in working order. Service cost starts from 200 euros per year.