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Online stores, corporate and landing sites, individual web solutions are tools that allow you to expand your business, increase loyalty and increase income. WEBCRAFT offers a comprehensive solution to problems for any area of business.

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Development and creation of sites of any type and complexity to solve the problems of your business.

Online stores on a turnkey basis

Creation of online stores of any complexity on a turnkey basis

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Corporate business sites

Development and creation of corporate, business sites

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Landing sites

LANDING sites that sell

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Customized WEB solutions

Development of individual sites for solving any problems

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Find out the cost and term of your website development
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Make your company, brand recognizable with the help of a unique design. We combine simplicity, functionality and a pleasant visual component. The most convenient and easy to use website for your customers.


We provide protection of the site at the beginning of development. We eliminate the protection and security problems of the given and the site. We advise and analyze the level of protection of your website.


We collaborate with reliable cloud platforms to store and implement the site. We provide all the conditions that your site is constantly in working mode.


At the development stage, we take into account the fact that the number of visitors to your site will grow, and with them the number of entries in directories, transactions, accounts, etc. Therefore, when developing the site, we take into account all the nuances of optimization so that your site always has high speed indicators.


We use modern and proven technologies to create sites that will meet all the required speed standards at the time of development and are supported by all browsers and devices.


We create not just sites, but sites that will ensure excellent work of customers on any device and will work faster than competitors. Mobile, tablets, PCs, laptops - your site will be the best everywhere.

Frequently asked Questions

What determines the cost of website development?

The cost depends on the complexity of the project, its graphic design, the number of pages and the amount of work. Therefore, before ordering a turnkey website, decide on the purpose and tasks that it should solve. The more functions the resource will perform, the higher the cost.

How long does it take to develop a website?

If the customer gives feedback on time, provides content and promptly agrees on the structure and design, then the term for producing a website with a minimum functionality is from 2 weeks to 2 months. If you decide to order an online store or a business website with many pages, be prepared for the work to take several months.

What additional services do you offer?

In addition, you can order branding and corporate identity, copywriting, SEO promotion, audit and analysis of the site, SMM promotion, mobile application development, web design, website support and much more.

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Before the development of the site, the peculiarities of goods and services are studied. A detailed study of the market and competitors is being conducted, allowing to create the structure of your future site. The terms of reference on which the website will be developed are being developed. All the main competitors are analyzed, we study their features, acceptance for further ahead of them on the quality and efficiency of the site.


The first stage of site creation. Site design is being developed, taking into account the features of the product or service. On the basis of detailed analysis of competitors and the market, designers determine the most suitable design of the site. A unique style of the company is created, emphasizing its features and wishes, which makes it possible to become recognizable online. The design uses branded colours and elements. Absolutely all details are worked out, UX Design, UI Design, layout.


Once the design has been approved, we begin to develop the technical component of the site. The main task is to make the site convenient, fast, beautiful and unique. The programmers on the basis of the design project create the working structure of the site. During development, each element is tested and all errors are eliminated. Our main goal is to provide a fast, modern, up-to-date website to attract customers and increase sales.


At this stage, the integration of third-party services and Apis is under way. All necessary services approved in the Site Development Task are connected. Payment systems, CRM, chat rooms and other necessary applications are connected. In parallel, all services are tested and data analyzed to determine the efficiency of the services and their speed. The site is also checked for ease of use.


Services providing protection and security of your site are connected. Analyzing the use of the resource, identifying and eliminating «vulnerable» places and your site receives the necessary protection against harmful software. Back-up automation and other measures are taken to protect your data from loss, theft and other malicious actions.


At the end of all stages of site development, we conduct global testing of the site, after which it is uploaded to your server and is released. Thanks to good optimization, high-quality design, fast work and high level of protection, the site has a high chance to get on top of search queries. After launching the site we are ready to provide technical support, refinement and further development of your site. WEBCRAFT is always ready to help you.