SEO site audit

Allows you to identify technical errors in the site and resource shortcomings, improve visibility and eliminate errors that negatively affect its position in the search results. To obtain a complete picture, WEBCRAFT conducts internal and external audits.

Find out the cost and term of your website promotion
Internal website audit to identify and solve search engine optimization problems

This is a thorough study of the internal optimization of the resource. Specialists study all aspects affecting the position of the site in search engines, as well as its user-friendliness. SEO-audit allows you to draw up a plan and calculate the terms of primary improvements, for promotion in search results.


SEO-audit of the site is the first stage of search promotion, which creates the foundation for further work. During the audit, experts collect information about the current status of the resource, analyze it and form a plan of work on the project. This service audit of the site allows: - understand the reasons for lowering the position of the resource; - identify the main points of growth; - collect the necessary data before the start of promotion; - evaluate the work of their own contractors in promotion; - to form a long-term strategy to promote the project or adjust the current one. Qualitative collection of information is a key component of successful web projects. The more detailed data you have at the start of work, the faster you can get the result.

Find out the cost and term of your website promotion
Lets discuss the project
Site analysis and report on necessary improvements


The report will indicate errors and problems in the technical part of the site with possible solutions


Portrait of your CA and a detailed analysis of the behavior of users on your website.


A list of recommendations that will help you create the most correct internal structure of the site and landing pages.


Specific strategy for building a reference profile of the site. References are one of the important ranking factors.


Why are competitors shown in the results of the search results above? How to dislodge them from the top? Do they need to repeat their promotion strategy and why?


Formed the correct search engine optimization strategy of the site. Selected optimal channels for launching the promotion of the resource.

Frequently asked Questions

What is SEO promotion?

SEO promotion is a marketing tool for bringing a website to the TOP of search engines in order to increase traffic and further generate income.

What results to expect from SEO promotion?

SEO will help increase traffic as well as improve its quality. As a result, the number of visits, the number of applications and sales from the site increases. We will make sure that you are on the first lines in search engines.

What exactly should NOT be expected from SEO promotion?

No one can guarantee you a permanent first place in the search results, if only because it depends on a number of reasons. It will still not be possible to reach the TOP for queries in one word. And most importantly, good website promotion cannot be fast and cheap. Good results cannot be achieved without constant work on the site.

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Online stores, corporate and landing sites, individual web solutions are tools that allow you to expand your business, increase loyalty and increase income. WEBCRAFT offers a comprehensive solution to problems for any area of business.

An online store is a powerful tool for expanding the capabilities of a company, target audience, attracting customers, scaling a business and reaching a completely new level. WEBCRAFT offers a complete development from concept to launch and support.

Image, brand, promotional sites, catalogs - increase the level of recognition and trust in your products / services, and the number of orders will increase. WEBCRAFT will create the image of your company and build an endless stream of new clients.

Landing page is a page that encourages the user to do something. For example, subscribe to a newsletter, request a price list, download a presentation. We can grab the attention of a potential consumer, then arouse desire in him and, finally, induce action.

No bells and whistles, no duplicates or cloning - a 100% unique website for your business, which will set you apart from the rest. We are ready for any non-standard web solutions in the field of design and resource functionality.

WEBCRAFT will provide an increase in the number of applications and calls, growth in brand popularity, expand the reach of the target audience and website promotion in search engines.

Comprehensive promotion is a large-scale work in several areas at the same time in order to use the maximum available funds to make a profit and promote a site in the TOP 10.

SEO optimization is a complex of technical work aimed at promoting a website. After that, the resource rises in the list of search results and occupies a leading position, which increases the interest and trust of the target audience.

Allows you to identify technical errors in the site and resource shortcomings, improve visibility and eliminate errors that negatively affect its position in the search results. To obtain a complete picture, WEBCRAFT conducts internal and external audits.

Individual design - is distinguished by complete uniqueness and detailed elaboration, has a certain structure and concept, attracts, motivates and pushes the visitor to action, creating a positive impression of the company.

Responsive design is a unique website design that is compatible with all types of devices and will always be well displayed both on a PC and on a tablet and smartphone.

What was popular a few years ago is no longer relevant today. Website redesign will solve this problem. You just need to know when to carry it out, what to change and how to do it correctly, turning to professionals.

Web design development is the company's business card, revealing its style and graphic image. Provides ease of use, exclusivity and corresponds to the subject matter and needs of the target audience.

WEBCRAFT is aimed at efficiency and attraction of the maximum number of target audience, will form a positive image and create favorable brand positioning, attract a large number of subscribers and potential customers.

The largest platform to promote your business today. Billions of users and vast opportunities make advertising through Google one of the most effective.  To adjust and optimize correctly you need a lot of effort, and the result is that you get a great tool to develop your business and increase your sales.

Promotion through Instagram allows you to identify the target audience you need and select the necessary tools for interaction. It is an excellent way to develop your own brand, services and great opportunities to promote your business.

Trading site number one in the world. More than 1 billion potential clients whose attention can be drawn. Easy and relatively budget way to get useful information, increase your recognition and, of course, your income.

Technical support is a complex of works that provides quick solution of problems and elimination of failures in the work of web resources. WEBCRAFT offers professional support for all types of websites.