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SEO optimization is a complex of technical work aimed at promoting a website. After that, the resource rises in the list of search results and occupies a leading position, which increases the interest and trust of the target audience.

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Internal website optimization for search engines

Seo optimization is a key and extremely important point when working on resource promotion. Internal optimization of the web site in 99% of cases brings tangible movement. Traffic begins to be active, search robots treat the site benevolently, CA is tuned complaciously. And as a result, his top giveaway, as well as the ability to sell, is increased.


Website optimization is a set of activities carried out to improve both the appearance of the resource and its internal technical part. This is necessary in order for the site to occupy a high position in the TOP issuance of search engines, and the target audience was interested in its content. Website optimization services should be carried out by a team of professionals in a portfolio that already has successful and working projects.

Find out the cost and term of your website promotion
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The result of internal website optimization


On average, search engines drive more than 50% of all visitors for any multi-page resource. It is almost impossible to ensure high attendance and constant growth of unique users without SEO.


Search engine promotion gives a long-term result. You do not lose ground and traffic even after the complete termination of the promotion work. If you do regular work on external optimization, then positions and the number of transitions will increase.


Traffic derived from organic search is free. You only pay for site optimization work, the bulk of which is already in the first months of promotion. Therefore, in the long term, SEO is one of the most cost-effective tools for business development.


You don't have to make an effort to find CA. Internet users who move from the search themselves are looking for information about the goods or services you provide. Most of them are already interested and ready to make an order, purchase or call. Such traffic converts better than advertising.


Increase the conversion of thematic traffic — increase the number of real calls from your potential customers and customers directly from the site.


All works within the framework of search engine optimization of sites lead to a long-term result. Subject to proper SEO promotion, the site can occupy high positions for a long term. This leads to increased brand awareness and good reputation of the site and company in the network.

Frequently asked Questions

What is SEO promotion?

SEO promotion is a marketing tool for bringing a website to the TOP of search engines in order to increase traffic and further generate income.

What results to expect from SEO promotion?

SEO will help increase traffic as well as improve its quality. As a result, the number of visits, the number of applications and sales from the site increases. We will make sure that you are on the first lines in search engines.

What exactly should NOT be expected from SEO promotion?

No one can guarantee you a permanent first place in the search results, if only because it depends on a number of reasons. It will still not be possible to reach the TOP for queries in one word. And most importantly, good website promotion cannot be fast and cheap. Good results cannot be achieved without constant work on the site.

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The first stage of website promotion in search is analysis of the technical state of the resource or audit. This is a comprehensive assessment of the quality of resource optimization, which allows you to identify technical flaws and errors that worsen the ranking of pages of the site and the speed of indexing. Based on the data obtained during the audit, specialists prepare a list of technical optimization tasks and start forming a strategy for promoting the web resource.


Usability audit allows you to evaluate the usability of the site for users. Based on it, a list of tasks for refinement of the user interface is formed, which allow to improve behavioral indicators and the conversion rate of pages. The quality of the analysis and further refinements depends on the involvement of users and the percentage of failures, which are taken into account by search engines when ranking, as well as the profit received from the traffic attracted.


Optimizers create a list of keywords by which your site will receive target traffic from search engines. The more relevant key queries enter the CA, the higher the visibility of a resource in search engines, as its pages are ranked in search results by more search queries. After collecting the keys, they are grouped by relevance and distributed to the pages of the site.


This stage includes a complete list of works on the Internet resource itself: technical optimization, adjustment of correct indexing, extension of structure, distribution of static reference weight of pages, create and optimize text content of pages, speed up the website and improve the user interface.


Includes work on increasing the quality reference mass of the resource. They are carried out regularly, gradually increasing the growth dynamics of the reference profile. The number of backlinks from trust domains affects ranking in search engines. Thus, experts ensure constant growth of site positions.


We regularly monitor key metrics of site performance to assess the impact of the work performed on site positions and conversion rates and adjust the web site promotion strategy. This allows you to significantly improve the efficiency of SEO during the work process.