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Development and creation of website design is the appearance, functionality and emotions

One of the most important factors in the success of your project is design. Starting from the General appearance, functionality and ending with details that will be remembered and evoke pleasant emotions in your customers, design is the first and important stage in website development. In keeping with all current trends, we are creating adaptive design that will be equally user-friendly for all devices.

Find out the cost and terms of design development
The main stages of web design development

You fill out a brief, together we define the business task of the project, research and analyze similar competitive sites.


The process involves not only designers, but also the manager leading the project. At this time, original ideas are generated, structure, color scheme, usability and much more are being worked out.


At this stage, it is decided where the main elements of the site will be located, what they will look like. A convenient, intuitive navigation is being developed.


Here you assess how much the created design corresponds to the task. If necessary, edits are made.

Find out the cost and terms of design development
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Design development prices

Landing page design

from 150 euro

Design corporate websites

from 350 euro

Design online store

from 500 euro

Individual website design

from 400 euro

HTML layout of 1 page

from 60 euro


from 15 euro

Logo development

from 80 euro

Social media banners

from 30 euro

Business card design

from 40 euro
Frequently asked Questions

What are the stages of developing a website ❓

We start development with web design, where we study business principles and values, define objectives, tasks and performance indicators through which we will measure the effectiveness of the site.Then we study the market, competitors, customers, create prototypes, test and approve.After approval, we draw up a technical specification, draw web design, write in HTML, program, test, do administration training and send it to the client.

How much does it cost to create a website ❓

The price of a website is directly proportional to the time required for its development. This imp is assigned to specialists. Rates range depending on the expert's qualifications and functional complexity.

How long it takes to develop website ❓

If you have created a strategy or plan with the desired functionality and the final result, get involved during the project and give quick feedback - the development of the project will take 1 - 4 months.Complex projects can last from 6 to 12 months.

Development and creation of web sites in Moldova, Chisinau. Web studio WEBCRAFT.

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