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What was popular a few years ago is no longer relevant today. Website redesign will solve this problem. You just need to know when to carry it out, what to change and how to do it correctly, turning to professionals.

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Frequently asked Questions

Which is better - a template or a custom design?

It all depends on what kind of business you have, what level it is and how serious it is. If it's a small landing page for yourself, you can take a ready-made template and fill it with your content. But an individual design will raise the status in the eyes of partners and customers, and the development of a corporate identity will make your brand recognizable and distinguishable from competitors.

Is it possible to change the design if you already have a website?

Any design becomes obsolete over time. Time goes by, tastes change and new promotion tools appear. We will create new web design opportunities for you, if necessary, we will transfer the site to another engine, add interesting and useful tools, and adapt it to any gadgets.

How much does a web design service cost?

The cost of work depends on many factors: the complexity of the site itself, its structure, the number of pages and graphic elements, animation.

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You fill out a brief, together we define the business task of the project, research and analyze similar competitive sites.


The process involves not only designers, but also the manager leading the project. At this time, original ideas are generated, structure, color scheme, usability and much more are being worked out.


At this stage, it is decided where the main elements of the site will be located, what they will look like. A convenient, intuitive navigation is being developed.


Here you assess how much the created design corresponds to the task. If necessary, edits are made.