First, let's figure out what website development is and what questions you must answer yourself in order to determine its goals and objectives.

Website development is a complex process of creating a website that is only available to professionals. The main stages are web design, page layout, programming, and web server configuration. Only specialists who are engaged in this type of activity can make the right choice and offer a suitable option.

Before contacting the developer, you need to determine the goals for which you will implement the site. To do this, answer 5 simple questions:

  • Who is your target audience? Or is it easier to say who will use your site?
  • Why exactly will they use it?
  • What useful things can they find for themselves and what problems can they solve?
  • What will make your site special and different from others?
  • What will make the user come back?

Answering these questions will help you and your developer better understand what type of site is right for you.

Now let's take a look at the different types of websites.

A website is a collection of web pages that provides users with a variety of content (text, image, video, audio, etc.)

1. A personal site is a demonstration and promotion of your personality, areas of interest, skills and achievements in order to declare yourself, find like-minded people, friends with the same views.

  • demonstrate your experience;
  • personal branding;
  • write about what interests you and share it with people;
  • advertise your talents, products or services;
  • portfolio of their work.

2. Business card sites are information about the owner, his product or service, indicating the various ways of contacting him - address, phone number, e-mail, social account. Networks, etc.

  • simplicity and ease of management;
  • minimal investment in development and administration;
  • ideal solution for providing concise information;
  • a way to attract partners and customers.

3. Business website is the official website of the company, which consists of a multi-level menu and corresponds to the corporate style; texts containing full information about the company, goods or services; events and forums. It can contain sections for corporate partners, employees, contractors.

  • expansion of the company's sales market;
  • improves the quality of customer service of the company;
  • shows a serious approach and business prospects;
  • way of brand promotion;
  • attracting new customers, partners and employees;
  • increasing the level of rating and customer confidence.

4. An online store is an automated process for purchasing goods or services on the Internet. It consists of a large number of pages and has a complex structure containing a catalog of goods with detailed descriptions, delivery terms and prices. It is an ideal channel for online sales of a product or service, easy to manage and use.

  • easy to find a product and purchase it in a few clicks;
  • attracting a huge number of customers and sales;
  • reducing costs and expenses;
  • expanding the market and reaching a new level;

5. Catalog - informing potential buyers, partners, dealers about all products, which contains a detailed description of the product with an image, characteristics, prices and other necessary information.

  • small investments;
  • creation of the company's image;
  • a tool for advertising and disseminating information;
  • reliability of product data.

6. Educational site - created to provide information about a specific educational institution and contains information about the institution, teaching staff, its life, curriculum and other opportunities for students.

  • promote an educational institution;
  • provide online training in the relevant direction;
  • access to all educational materials;
  • promotion of various courses, trainings.

7. News sites - information portal dedicated to news from any field. This is a way to provide the user with the latest information and where news must be constantly updated. It is a complex, multi-level structure with hundreds or even thousands of pages that requires constant administration.

  • receiving income from placing advertising banners;
  • attracting different categories of visitors.

So, you have decided what type of site you need, but you still have questions, then contact the Webcraft studio for a free consultation to figure it out and help you choose the required type of site to achieve your business goals.